Web Application for Calisthenics / Convict Conditioning (Rhythm manager)

Prisoner timer ver. 1.0


Counts per a rep


If you don't hear any sound when you press "start", refresh the screen and try again. Please refresh the site when the screen goes to sleep or another app is displayed and you want to use it again.

How to use

This application is an application that counts the rhythm of "2-1-2-1" when performing convict condtioning.

In "Reps", enter the number of exercises (reps) to be performed in one set. In "Counts per a reps", enter how many seconds you want to exercise each time. In Prisoner training, the basic interval is "2-1-2-1" = "6 seconds", which repeats the bottom position in 2 seconds, the wait for 1 second, the start position in 2 seconds, and the wait for 1 second.

After inputting, click / tap the character "start" to start counting from "5 seconds later" at the specified rhythm. Take the start position within 5 seconds.


For example, if you enter "60" in "Counts per a reps", an alarm will sound every 60 seconds. I think that it can be used when you want to manage the elapsed time in events such as hanging.

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This app is developed by an individual as a hobby.

Change log

2020/11/1:Volume balance tuned